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What is Destiny?

One of the most popular queries that we are asked is
how to understand your Destiny.

All our meditations reveal information about your Destiny 100%. And it does not matter what kind of meditation it will be: for relaxation and restoration of energy or, for example, meditation on the fulfillment of a desire.

The meaning of your birth is kept by the soul.

At birth, you knew exactly what you were meant to do, but you couldn’t put it into words because you couldn’t speak. With the accumulation of earthly experience, the surrounding people have replaced your concept of Destiny with the desires of society (cars, apartments, husbands, oligarchs, etc.).)

Meditation begins to transform false information, to erase unnecessary, not your desires. As a result, those very true desires appear on the surface of your consciousness and information about the Destiny comes.

Can I be myself?

Destiny is your strong qualities that you can apply in absolutely any field.

For example, you can change the space around a person in such a way that their internal state will change. At the same time, you can work with anyone you want:
Designer (change the space of the apartment)
A clown (change a person’s mood)
Guru of meditation (change the space in which a
person is located and his inner state).

The Destiny is not limited to any one of your strengths. You have many strengths. They can interact with each other and create new combinations of professions. You can apply this ability not only in your professional life, but also in your social activities and in your family life. Implementation is never finite.

False or true??

And if someone told you about your Destiny, brought information on a platter, then most likely, it is not your, but this person’s idea of who you are. This is false information.

The Destiny can only be realized and realized, for a long time and very deeply. It is multi-faceted. By combining, experimenting, and learning more and more nuances, you get information about your true path.

The most ideal result is obtained when you meditate.

If you want thematic meditations, such as those where the work is Destinyfully carried out on the Destiny, the achievement of true knowledge, then this is the course of the Destiny of Natalia Repina. For more information, see the checklist.


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