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Get married

How to find your love and not make a mistake

Everyone wants to meet their one and only person, and be together with them for the rest of their lives. So that the love is mutual, so that the marriage is happy, so that it is a single whole- forever.

My experience was not unique. At the age of 24, I got married, for love and for a decent person. But, gradually, the feelings went away. The relationship got worse and worse.

At the age of 26, I began to meditate and gradually accumulate and analyze information about what love is

-the right choice of a spouse
-what does a karmic partner mean?
-how to find out when you meet your person.
-what to do so as not to waste your life, not to live it with a stranger.

All this knowledge helped me to understand by what criteria to evaluate the emerging relationship and the new person coming into my life.

Listen to yourself!

At the age of 31, I met my man. We’ve been together for 8 years.

Working out our relationships according to the Topology of Consciousness methodology gives us the opportunity to radically improve them.

Relationships are fully developed, and go to a new level, due to the fact that each soul receives its own information part, and opens up to the other already having this new knowledge. Meditation on attracting love into your life gives you the opportunity to start more actively all the processes to get the mutual maximum from your partner.

Read more about the meeting and how to find out I tell you at the lecture “LoveThe soulmate”, which is included in the course“Self-realization for the soul”

What you need to know in order to meet your true soulmate

Opening your soul. You should study your soul in as much detail as possible, at least on an intuitive level. It is on the plane of the soul that your ideal partner is registered. The soul will signal that it is HE WHO is standing in front of you.

People are usually guided by the level of ego, subconscious attitudes. These settings also give a signal that here he is, your man. But, this signal is different from the soul signal.
Because of not knowing what the difference is — people are deceived, wasting time on false relationships. While their other half is still walking around the world and waiting to meet them.

Under the article there is a checklist
“How to meditate to meet your true Soulmate”

When you have found your man, your task is not to lose him. Therefore, in order for the relationship not only to start, but also to develop, it is also necessary to be guided by the information of the light. Meditations on attracting a loved one do not allow us to go on the wrong path. That is, they help you further deepen your sense of yourself as a soul, but not as an ego.

That is, they help you further deepen your sense of yourself as a soul, but not as an ego. To develop the qualities of the soul, it is necessary to work only with light!!!

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