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Meditation on the unfolding of the soul

To find your companion of life, a good job, find peace of mind, get rid of worries and health problems-for the fulfillment of desires, first of all, you need to understand: who am I? Only in this case, everything will be clarified, and it will be clarified automatically. You need to find out the composition of your immaterial essence: your ideal destiny is written there, what is in store for you.

To learn to understand the voice of the soul, you need to use certain techniques of meditation. I tell you more about this in my lecture and in the article. In the video clip there is one of the meditations for the soul, which you can listen to online:

Sit in a comfortable position, arms and legs should not be crossed, relax your body, close your eyes and, listening to the meditation for the soul, imagine that your hologram is in front of you. Fill the hologram with the light of the surrounding space and, having sated, connect with it. Now proceed to the interaction. Feel yourself. Ask what you care about the most.

Meditate to the suggested relaxation music: you can listen to it online:

Natalia Repina – Meditation on the opening of the soul

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