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Meditations on wellness and rejuvenation

In the article «Meditations for youth and beauty» we wrote that the aging of the body is not a natural process. There, we also gave recommendations on how to work with soul-level information to make our lives meaningful. All meditations on improving and rejuvenating the body are recommended to be practiced in a complex. It is necessary to work with the consciousness of the spirit, soul and body to achieve the best results.

We have a ready-made course with meditations for rejuvenation and wellness, which includes:

  • work with the pineal and thymus glands;
  • starting the rejuvenation processes at the cellular level (oxidation);
  • normalization of mental and emotional health-no stress;
  • changing the quality of water that a person is filled with; наполнение тела энергией; filling the body
  • filling the body with energy;
  • starting the reproductive functions of the body;
  • healing work with the chakras;
  • creating the perfect health matrix.
  • interaction with society (getting rid of toxic people) and much more.

Healing meditations also include techniques for getting rid of negativity, cleansing the chakras and aura. It is very effective to combine all levels of consciousness (spirit, soul and body). Most of the practices for wellness and rejuvenation are freely available on our website.

Technology of health-improving practice

Meditation with its ideal matrix of health is aimed at improving the whole body. The program of the soul of every person: perfect physical health. When the soul is incarnated, the womb attunes and reads all the information from the mother. Even then, we hear, feel, and understand everything that happens to her.

All this triggers or does not trigger programs that activate fears, blocks, and even diseases, causes or does not cause the body to deviate from the original program. To return to it, we recommend the following meditation for healing and rejuvenation of the body.

Turn on the music. Take a comfortable position, relax. Close your eyes. Imagine a hologram of your ideal health matrix. Fill it with light. Then set the intention to connect with it. Observe the sensations in your body. The duration of the healing practice is about 15-20 minutes.

Play music or watch videos online:

Natalia Repina – Meditation on wellness and rejuvenation

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